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Meeting PlannersIf you want to motivate your employees to reach for excellence, Mercedes Alfaro is the master at tailoring keynotes to your situation and needs. She delivers an informative program that is interactive, fun and filled with ideas that everyone can implement to make changes in their lives. Clients who hire Mercedes find her to be a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to
work with.

Keynote Topics

What the CEOs Know: The Nine Timeless Principles of
Personal Branding

While emphasis in the past was placed on self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. In this keynote, Mercedes explains the basic but powerful concepts of personal branding and how to put them into practice. If you're looking for a keynote to help your employees start making the right impression on your customers and colleagues, this is a keynote you don't want to miss.

Professionalism Makes the Dream Work

This presentation focuses on your corporate goals and connects them to each employee and how they have a role in the company's success. Since your employees are your greatest asset, Mercedes shows them how to enhance the customers' perception of your company by helping them reach for higher self-goals. She helps them understand how they can break through their limitations; self presentation, poor communication skills and other career obstacles, in turn helping them to succeed.

Striving for Excellence in Today’s Business World

In this keynote Mercedes breaks down “first impressions” into seven fundamentals to help you avoid common misunderstandings that will leave others with a bad impression. Business deals can be made or broken; everything hinges on that all-important initial encounter followed by the continuous message we keep sending. This keynote encourages you to put your best foot forward each time you prepare to meet a perspective client, a colleague or decision maker.

Boosting your “Power of Persuasion"

Persuading others to see your point of view or simply to agree with you is a science. In business, no sale can take place without this art. Whether we like it or not we are all in some form of sales; beginning with selling our ideas to selling our products. In this keynote, Mercedes talks about persuasion and how it is another business tool for you to use. She explains the art of persuasion, how it happens and how it works.

Your Communication Skills: Creating Win-Win Results

Some people seem to be able to say the right thing "all the time." They have a special ability to move through stressful discussions and can create win-win results. This keynote discusses how you can build personal credibility, deliver positive feedback, improve your listening skills and deal with difficult people. This is the ideal keynote for organizations needing to improve their employees’ basic communication skills or for those who just want to get that extra edge.

Attitudes of Attraction

In this keynote, Mercedes presents the ABCs of nonverbal communication: Attitude, Body Language and Congruence, and demonstrates their practical use in the business world. Your attitude is the first thing people pick-up in face-to-face communication, over the telephone and even in email communication; it is important to know how to manage your attitude. She explores how people are attracted to you if you share the same attitudes. Why? People naturally assume that others who share their attitudes will like them. Mercedes demonstrates how your body and mind are one system—change one and you will affect the other.

Invite Mercedes to present one of her dynamic keynotes to your employees.