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Cross Cultural Training

“Intercultural Sensitivity in the Business World” Program

Communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and customers from different cultures.

Effective intercultural communication is a "must have" in today’s global economy. Business success has always been built on understanding and nurturing strong relationships; therefore we must have international knowledge to create successful relationships with multicultural colleagues, customers and clients.

This program includes:

  • Their first impression
  • Their history
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Language
  • Holidays
  • Perception and values
  • Body language differences
  • How does culture impact communication
  • Using English for global communication
  • Compliments to avoid
  • Dressing customs
  • Gift giving
  • Signs of hospitality
  • Business etiquette
  • Proper forms of address
  • Business cards
  • Conversational do’s and don’ts
  • Women in business
  • Work styles
  • Negotiation across cultures
  • Time management
  • Dining etiquette rules
  • Health practices
  • Superstitions and taboos

I Need Something Else

No company is quite like yours. So, if you have a training need that demands a highly-specific solution, we can help. Customization allows you to align your company’s unique goals to the training.

One-on-One Confidential Training:

This training may be delivered in a variety of ways, including over the telephone or online.

Minor Adjustment:

Includes course name changes, minor searchable terminology changes and addition of logos.

Tailored Training:

Modify our courses to address your organization's specific needs, including modification of role playing and other exercises, cosmetic and terminology changes. Our pre-training analysis aligns course content, activities and examples with your organization's strategies, culture, and objectives to deliver a program tailored just for you.

Customized Training:

For more specific or complex training initiatives, our design team can assess your organization's needs, then create a learning solution that is uniquely yours to help you achieve your business goals.

New Development:

Newly created material to meet your objectives.

If you’re interested in one of these options for yourself or your organization, please contact us.