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Onsite Instructor Led "Networking at Business Events" Training Program

Everyone is Doing it…. But HOW Do You Network?

People are expected to instinctively know how to network, yet it is a skill that needs to be learned like everything else. This training will help your employees learn the true concept of networking and teach them how you can use it to enhance your organization's business success.

Business networking is not:

  • Dropping your card in a prize bowl hoping to win a free prize
  • Time for free drinks and food
  • Handing out your business card to anyone who will accept it
  • Creating a list of people to call on in hopes of selling to them
  • Putting everyone who has given you a card on your electronic newsletter e-mail distribution list without a follow up program
  • Tacking your card on the bulletin board at your local retailer
  • Introducing yourself or being introduced to another person and not exploring a business relationship
  • Prospecting to get personal leads

Business networking is:
A group of business people with diverse products and services, who understand and practice the "give and take" that it takes to builds relationships.  Because everyone knows that we do business with people we like.

  • Developing mutually beneficial win-win relationship with others
  • Relationship building with the intent to eventually share referrals
  • Promoting you and your good reputation
  • Building quality business relationships where there is ease, comfort, reliability and respect
  • Serving others without expecting anything in return
  • Being confident that the same people you are serving or others will serve you in return

This program teaches your employees how to strengthen their relationships with potential clients, how to strengthen business relationships by incorporating simple, yet proven techniques for establishing life-long, profitable business relationships through true networking.

If you're interested in having us customize a training program for you, please contact us.

This training program can include the following topics:

  • What are the benefits of networking
  • Why should I attend
  • Properly representing your company
  • Preparing your first impression
  • Your visual image
  • Your body language
  • Looking confident
  • Having the “right” attitude
  • Eating and drinking at the event
  • Conversation skills
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Your 60 second commercial
  • The business handshake
  • Proper introductions
  • Exchanging business cards
  • Making others feel special
  • Follow-up

Build Your Own Seminar

We can mix and match topics from any of our programs to meet your specific training needs; new topics can also be added.

All of our training sessions are customized to meet your unique goals and objective and are available in a variety of delivery methods:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Onsite Corporate Training
  • Distance Learning / Online Training
  • Webinars / Teleseminars
  • 1/2 Day and Full-Day Seminars

We take the worry out of bringing a training session to your organization. Our fee structure is all inclusive for training across the United States and includes:

  • Phone consultations to customize your trainin gprogram and to ensure we understand your goals and objectives
  • A program outline, after the consultation, for your review and approval
  • Customization of your program
  • Customization of your handouts, delivered  to you in PDF file format
  • Training delivered at your location
  • All travel expenses (air, hotel, car and per diem)

Note: We combine any of our programs to meet your unique training needs - at no additional charge.

If you're interested in this training program for your organization, please contact us.

We have designed hundreds of unique training programs for companies and organizations across the United States that met the needs of our clients in terms of budgeting and expected results. Our process for custom work is handled in four phases: Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery. If you choose to work with us, we'll begin with your initial consultation where we identify your issues, concerns, goals and help you select your training date.

Our clientele includes some of the most recognizable brands in the world: Abbot Laboratories, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), City of New York, Fidelity Investments, Frito Lay, Hyatt Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Zurich and others.

I Need Something Else

No company is quite like yours. So, if you have a training need that demands a highly-specific solution, we can help. Customization allows you to align your company’s unique goals to the training.

One-on-One Confidential Training:

This training may be delivered in a variety of ways, including over the telephone or online.

Minor Adjustment:

Includes course name changes, minor searchable terminology changes and addition of logos.

Tailored Training:

Modify our courses to address your organization's specific needs, including modification of role playing and other exercises, cosmetic and terminology changes. Our pre-training analysis aligns course content, activities and examples with your organization's strategies, culture, and objectives to deliver a program tailored just for you.

Customized Training:

For more specific or complex training initiatives, our design team can assess your organization's needs, then create a learning solution that is uniquely yours to help you achieve your business goals.

New Development:

Newly created material to meet your objectives.

If you’re interested in one of these options for yourself or your organization, please contact us.