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Onsite Instructor Led "Business Dining Etiquette" Training

More than 50% of All Business is Finalized at the Dining Table

Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. They are a visible signal of the state of our manners and therefore are essential to our professional success. Regardless of whether we are having lunch with a prospective client or dinner with a business associate, our manners speak volumes about us as professionals. 

In addition, business relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations; therefore, mastering the art of fine dining adds to your competitive edge.  Confidence in dining situation frees us from worrying about making mistakes. Everyone has experienced an awkward moment such as dropping a fork on the floor and wondering whether to pick it up or leave it there, or not knowing which utensil to use or how to use it.

During this training session, students learn to feel comfortable and self-assured in business social dining situations. This fun and informative program includes role-playing exercises.  This training takes you step-by-step through the elements of dining as you acquire the skills that elevate your demeanor from simply eating to fine dining.  We teach how to be at ease as a guest or as a host in business and in social arenas.

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Topics that can be included in this training session:

Prior to the event

  • What to do with your cell phones and blackberry
  • Remember the purpose of the event
  • Selecting the restaurant
  • Who orders the wine?
  • Which wine to order? (Red, White, Rose or Champagne)

Responsibilities of the host

  • Extending the invitation to a client
  • Making the arrangements at the restaurant
  • Meeting your guest when they arrive
  • When you see someone you know
  • Seating your guest
  • Are you a co-host?
  • Who orders first?
  • Keeping an eye on your guests
  • What to do with rudeness at the table
  • When to bring up business

Responsibilities of the guest

  • When and how to sit at the table
  • Proper distance from your body to the edge of table
  • When to order your food
  • What should you order
  • My food order is incorrect
  • Addressing the server
  • Small talk and topics to avoid at the table
  • When do you start each course?

At the table

  • Using your napkin
  • Drinking at the meal?
  • Sounds to avoid
  • Excusing yourself from the table

Mastering the eating styles: American or Continental

  • Understanding the order of use of each utensil
  • How to properly hold your utensils: each style
  • How to signal that you are pausing at the meal
  • How to signal that you have finished your meal
  • I dropped a utensil?

During the meal

  • Eating your bread
  • Enjoying that fabulous sauce
  • My food is too hot
  • Reaching for items (bread, butter, dressings, salt and pepper)
  • My food just rolled off the plate?
  • Removing food from your mouth
  • Sharing your food?
  • Dealing with difficult food
  • I put ketchup on everything
  • Excusing yourself during the meal
  • Asking for what you need

Toasting the guest of honor

  • When to make the toast
  • What to say when giving a toast
  • Responding to a toast

The end of the meal

  • Do you ask for a doggie bag?
  • Paying the bill
  • What is a proper tip?

Attending cocktail parties

  • The purpose of the event
  • But what about the food?
  • To drink or not to drink
  • Prepare yourself to shake hands
  • Secrets of the best conversationalist

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